Magnify your gratitude

I suspect readers of this blog know the importance of saying thank you.

But there are subtle ways you can use to magnify your gratitude. Here are some that I found in this article:

  • Use positive adjectives when saying thank you: “Thank you for being so diligent in completing this task. You kept the project on track.”
  • When people ask for your help, thank them for reaching out to you. Yes, they are adding to your full plate, but more importantly they are offering you a chance to contribute.
  • Is a colleague updating you on a long-term, time-consuming, high-visibility project? Offer to help them with a small task, like scheduling the next meeting or preparing the agenda. Volunteering for this 5-minute task will not only make your colleague feel appreciated, it will provide much-needed stress relief (it’s much needed, no matter how small the relief is).

And by the way, dear reader, I appreciate you.

HT to Corporate Compliance Insight

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