Hunt the good

Ethics and compliance professionals often operate in a negative environment. Most of our work is in reaction to wrongdoing.

This reality can negatively affect how we perceive the world and how the world perceives us. In fact, it can negatively affect how we see ourselves.

A countermeasure is to hunt the good and put our catches in trophy cases. Here are some ideas:

  • Policies can refer to our organizational values and demonstrate how their application will have a positive impact on the organization.
  • Training can be at the task level (not the risk level) and focus on how it will help employees do their job.
  • Controls can be presented as tools to protect employees from negative outcomes.
  • Audits can highlight best practices (not just deficiencies).
  • Investigations can be conducted by people who assume a positive intent.

Makes sense?

If you have found ways to shine a positive light on an otherwise negative environment, please share by leaving a reply below. Thank you.

Hat tip to GaryVee, JC Glick, The Broadcat and Vega Factor

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