Scorecards and emotional pressure

On the one hand, dashboards and scorecards are extremely useful. In one glance, we know where we stand. We can see what is working and what is not. Where resources are adequate and where they are not. The information highlights the action that must be taken next.

On the other hand, these tools can apply a crippling amount of emotional pressure. No one wants to be at the bottom of the scorecard or see their numbers painted in red on the dashboard. And before you tell me that this can be a great motivator, have a look at the latest science on this topic. The bottom line is this: in today’s workplace, emotional pressure hurts performance.

So, should dashboards and scorecards be eliminated? Of course not. What this means is that these tools are most effective when trust is high and when all individual players care more about the team than they do about themselves. For that to happen, they must feel safe. They must know that showing vulnerability will summon support, not predators.

Do you feel safe?

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