We make better decisions when the right people are involved

Employees who are under investigation for making a wrong decision often say that they were rushed into making it.

They believe they only had a split second to decide – and thus cannot be blamed for making the wrong call. It was just a mistake.

But it’s rarely, if ever, a matter of a split second. If may feel this way when the bid is due the next day. Or when the customer expects a call back within two hours. Or when the supplier invites you to dinner after a long day of work. Our fear to lose, to deliver bad news, or to say no pushes the panic button and time suddenly shrinks. And we lose sight of the fact that it only takes a minute to call our supervisor for help (or HR, or Legal, or the Ombudsman, etc.).

We make better decisions when the right people are involved. When we only have minutes to make a tough decision, they are best used by seeking help. No customer or supplier will fault you for smiling and saying “Do you mind if I place a quick call? We have strict rules at my company and I want to make sure we do this right.”

Oh, and if they do mind, you have your answer.


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