The things that matter most

Four days ago, I received some bad news at work. Someone didn’t do a good job on a project I deeply care about and I felt anger and confusion. How could this happen? I decided to sleep on it.

Three days ago, still angry, I scheduled a meeting with the senior leadership of the organization responsible for the bad news. I was planning to provide some “candid” feedback on their performance. “I owe it to them,” I thought.

Two days ago, I had calmed down. I started to rehearse in my head my upcoming meeting and realized it would be best if I approached it differently.

Yesterday, I had the meeting. I spoke  in a spirit of respect, cooperation and humility, remembering how often I have messed up over my career.

Today, I am at peace. Not so much because I got things off my chest. But rather because an important relationship is intact.

And all relationships are important.

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