I made this for you

At the ECI Fellows meeting this week, several attendees told me they could never think of something to write about every day on a blog.

We spoke and they soon realized that they could if they focused on documenting their journey rather than trying to create compelling and dazzling content.

The point of writing a blog post is not to show others how smart you are. It’s to force you to pay attention, notice things, think about them and then drive you to action.

If I were to document my day today, it would look like this:

  • 10 AM – Work on the Code launch communications campaign with a vendor (by phone)
  • 11 AM – Meet with a new employee in person
  • 12 PM – Share my experience of conducting the Global Business Ethics Survey with a colleague from another industry (by phone)
  • 2 PM – Phone call with a vendor who created a training module for my organization and figure out how we can chop it into shorter pieces and distribute them as vignettes to our employees.
  • 3 PM – Meet with a new employee in person
  • 3:15 PM – Meet in person with colleagues from the Communications department to discuss our new internal blog features.

Most E&C professionals deal with similar issues and, as you can imagine, it would be easy for anyone to share how they are approaching these activities, the challenges they face, their insights, etc.

Seth Godin would give the following advice:

Write under a pseudonym if you need to. The point of putting your writing out there is to force you to think, to take a risk, and to get feedback. It’s to be an artist and be generous and say “Here, I made this for you.”

So here, I made this for you.

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