A good cause?

My wife and I attended a fundraiser this weekend. The event was outdoors, pool-side. The evening weather was perfect. There was food and drinks and a live band and smiles all around. Along with 50 or so other attendees, we made a small donation to a worthy cause and had a great time mingling with friends. Almost effortlessly, thousands of dollars were raised. And we look forward to next year’s event.

What makes such an event successful? A good cause, someone taking the initiative to host, a handful of other volunteers bringing food and playing music, and a few dozen friends willing to donate to charity the amount they would have spent on a restaurant dinner.

It seems to me that this is a good recipe for an effective E&C program. We are the host of our programs and if we communicate effectively about its importance, others will join our efforts.

The key, of course, is effective communications. Others must believe what we believe. They must believe in the cause. We need to keep our message simple and positive. When we donate to charity, we like to know in what simple, specific way we are making the world a better place for someone. When we try to sell our E&C program to employees, they want to know how this policy, this training, this control is going to make their job easier and keep them safe.

If we can’t do that, they won’t donate freely. And they won’t look forward to next year’s event.

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