Embedded communications

Yesterday I was forced to host a call to bring colleagues up-to-date on a key project. Over the last weeks and months, I had not met the information needs of all stakeholders. As a group, we spent about 8 person-hours on this call. It would have taken me far less time to send them a brief email update each week.

We often neglect communications because we would rather do than talk about what has been or will be done. We have so little time to accomplish what’s on our plate, it seems logical to spend every minute doing the work.

What we fail to recognize is that the importance of communication is embedded within each project. If it’s important enough to be done, it’s important enough to be talked about, to be shared, for feedback to be sought, for accounts to be rendered.

As we determine how much we can have on our plates, and as we prioritize our work, we need to include a communication element to every project. Yes, this means that some projects won’t make the cut, at least not right away. But the projects we do work on will meet a greater degree of success. And the people we work with will perform better.

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