2018: Positivity

I took the last two weeks of December off. It’s good to be back.

On this day last year, I decided to write every business day for two weeks. I never stopped. The process forces me to pay attention, to take notice, to think, to be more than a headline reader.

I had a look at my 2017 blog statistics and noticed that my “positive” posts were the most popular. A positive post is one that focuses on how to be a better ethics & compliance professional rather than focussing on the unethical behavior of celebrities, executives and politicians. I find that encouraging.

So I will make 2018 an experiment in positivity. I will endeavor to write posts that help employees feel empowered, that help executives create positive cultures, and that help ECOs support their business’ objectives.

My goal is to provide value. Please let me know if you think I’m succeeding or not.

Thank you for reading.

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