“Why you need to worry about ______.”

GDPR. Cybersecurity. FINRA. Blockchain. You fill in the blank.

We see this title everywhere on the internet. For fear of missing out – we are compliance professionals after all – we click on it. We have to. We need to be informed.

But we approach our learning session with fear. We are primed to look for the monster, not for the sword to slay it. Often times, these articles are written by consultants in shining armor looking for you to hire them to slay the dragon. But you are not a damsel in distress, are you?

By all means, read the article but keep calm. Look for learnings and solutions. When none can readily be found (among all the hype), do a Google search on the topic. There is always another expert generously offering wisdom for free, using titles like “What you need to know about _____.” or “How to prepare for _____.” These titles don’t generate as many clicks but they will bring you more value.

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