Caring for success

At this time each year, I start thinking about the all-employee training for the following year. Along with my extraordinary team, we work on identifying the topic, the content, the format and hundreds of small details.

Each year, I struggle with voices in my head that say things like “The employees won’t like it” or “It’s not as good as last year” or “We’ve never done something like that before.”

And each year I’m right. With 200,000 employees in my organization, some of them won’t like the training and some will think it wasn’t as good as in years past.

The same goes when I write a policy, or create a new control, or change a process.

My trick to get rid of these voices is to focus on the process and add a generous dose of caring. If we care about the employees and the organization, the outcome is almost assured to be positive. It won’t be perfect – we can’t please everyone – but we will hit our mark.

The next time you doubt your capacity to deliver, ask yourself how much you care for those in your care. Focus on them. Think about the value you want to bring to them. Feel the energy swell. And then set about to do the work. You will most likely succeed.

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