What will you do today?

What are your goals as an ethics & compliance professional? What should you be working on every day? How do you know when you’ve gone off track? When should you stand firm and when should you give way?

Many of us don’t know. So we just follow orders from “corporate”. We distribute the policies, we send training reminders, we investigate when a complaint is made. It all seems out of our control.

Here’s a classic exercise to get you back on track. Imagine that you’ve reached retirement age after a successful career as an ECO. At your retirement party, several people will take the stage to share how you have positively influenced their business life. You will hear from the CEO of your company, from an important customer, from a key supplier, from your professional association and from your local elected official. What would you like to hear?

Now you have goals.

Now you know what to do today, and how to do it.

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