Lawful but awful

When I see an article titled “Corporate culture is your best defense against sexual harassment claims”, you know I’m going to read it.

All 11 tips in the article have merit but one stands out:

#4. Address all bad behavior, even when it’s not illegal.

Yelling is not illegal. Throwing things across the room is not illegal. Telling someone they are one stupid idea away from having to look for another job is not illegal.

But these behaviors must be addressed. Employees must feel that management cares about a respectful workplace. Otherwise, employees will eventually cease to report bad behavior to management, both legal and illegal.

For too long, we have tolerated behaviors that were lawful but awful. It’s time we stop.


2 thoughts on “Lawful but awful

  1. I agree Mr. Tougas. I am a combat veteran and just could not tolerate bullying by various executives and managers. Bullying and blatant disrespect leads to the boss never really knowing about other bad behaviors or even the lack of civility in the work place. More importantly the corporate culture is changed and formed by the character of the leaders. So, in short, if the executive and CEO is arrogant and disrespectful, so are the wannabe managers.
    The combat reference is important simply because I was betrayed more than once by officers/executives in situations of dire consequences and import. All betrayals were sponsored by arrogance and disrespect for the “other”. Power corrupts. glen


    1. Thanks for your thoughts Glen. It sounds like you had to deal with difficult circumstances. From my experience, I have found that power tends to reveal who a person really is, rather than corrupt that person.


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