Purpose and performance

Studies have shown that employees perform better when they understand the impact of their work on the end-customer.

For E&C professionals, this includes seeing the impact of our work on our organization’s customers and suppliers. While our immediate work is with employees, they take care of all other stakeholders.

So when I am in Shanghai next month to meet with 40 ECO colleagues, we will hold one session during which an agent and a distributor will talk about the impact of our E&C program on their operations. I hope this will give our team a greater sense of purpose by showing us the important difference we make on ethical business practices beyond our own walls.

The idea was suggested to me by a colleague after we held a similar meeting in Florida last month. While I had never considered it, I immediately saw the void it could fill.

Can you find a way to connect your team’s work to the products and services your organization provides? Doing so will increase your team’s sense of purpose and performance.

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