Who’s right?

If you and I disagree about what the right thing to do is, it doesn’t mean that one of us is wrong.

It might be both of us.

We need to bring humility to conversations. We should not simply be willing to learn but actively desiring to learn. Interacting with others is a great way to learn.

When we disagree with someone, it’s worth taking a few minutes to ask two questions. Why might this person think in this way? Why am I thinking differently?

When answering the first question, we should offer of the most generous answers. When answering the second one, we should be extremely critical.

And we might both be right.

But who’s right rarely matters. So save the drama for when it really does matter.

One thought on “Who’s right?

  1. Yes it is very important to listen carefully to what people say and ask questions to make sure we understand ..if we do that we might be surprise to find out that we are not so much apart in our thinking…

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