A community produces most what it honors most

This is a quote from an article on DaVita’s corporate culture.

DaVita seeks to intentionally build its culture. To do so, it focuses on 7 activities that any company can adopt. One of them is revere, i.e. honoring teammates who live by the company values.

I’ve said it many time before but it’s worth repeating for those who don’t believe in rewarding people for doing what they are supposed to do. When you recognize someone for good behavior, what you are truly doing is helping everyone else recognize the behavior you want them to adopt. It may look like the spotlight is on one person  but the focus is really on the audience.

I have two daughters who share a bedroom. When they were younger, all I needed to do was praise one for how neatly her bed was made to ensure that the other would make hers just as neatly.

Honoring ethical behavior in an organization is a key driver of an ethical culture.

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