The only thing you control are your ethical choices

The Stoics taught us that we should focus exclusively on what’s within our control.

It turns out that the only thing within our control is our mind. Our bodies can get sick any day; our possessions can break or be destroyed or stolen; even a piece of jewelry in the bank safe is outside of our control.

For the business leader, this means that the only thing she truly controls are her ethical choices. Of course, she can use her judgment and reason to implement a compliance program – complete with policies, training, controls and audits, but she won’t be able to control how others respond to these efforts.

This reality might be unnerving to anyone seeking certainty in all aspects of life but chasing that ideal is the quickest path to unhappiness.

One thought on “The only thing you control are your ethical choices

  1. So true – business conversations disconnected from deliverables are rare. But being excessively and emotionally attached to the outcomes of our actions (which are largely outside our control) distorts our decision-making and ability to do what is actually required by a situation or circumstance.

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