On making connections

Later today I will have the pleasure to visit with Richard Bistrong in New York City.

I first learned about Richard via LinkedIn in 2015. His personal experience with corruption was both dramatic and fascinating. I started to follow him on social media and eventually sent him a direct message asking if we could meet in person. He immediately said yes, we met for coffee, and we’ve stayed in touch ever since.

The point of this post is to encourage you to reach out to those you can learn from. I have done this with authors, business leaders, compliance executives, podcasters and many others. Most of them will gladly engage with you, especially when you can provide value in return or, even better, first. They can become allies and cheerleaders. They can open doors and provide opportunities. They can make introductions that lead to more allies, cheerleaders and opportunities. And not simply opportunities for you to receive but more importantly for you to contribute. It’s a virtuous cycle that starts with a simple click of a “follow” button.

Who would you like to connect with today?

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