On technology

Technology can help ethics & compliance professionals in two ways:

  • It can make our work easier to do, or
  • It can make our employees more compliant.

Business leaders will be more inclined to spend money on the second goal. So if you are asking the business to fund technology that will make your work easier, be sure to explain how it will also improve employees’ compliance.

One thought on “On technology

  1. Making our work easier with technology should never be an objective unto itself. That would be a conflict of interest.
    There should always be a component of improvement in ethics & compliance of the employees.
    But thinking that “making easier”means “making more efficient”, that would free some of our resources (mainly time) to direct to achieving more compliance. So, if we don’t just spend all the achieved „easiness“ on being idle, we should be able to argue and probably demonstrate that making our compliance work easier is closely linked to more compliance on the part of the employees.


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