Emotional intelligence and the E&C professional

Today I would like to share another great piece from Tom Fox. It’s entitled “Skills for the compliance professional in the 2020s.

In this must-read piece, Tom shares five skills that we should all focus on at the start of this new decade. All five skills are highly relevant but I would like to highlight one here: developing emotional intelligence.

We are now living in a world where machines and algorithms are increasingly taking over the tasks and decisions that humans were responsible for. If something relies on efficiency, it will soon be done by a non-human. Humans will be sought after only for highly non-efficient tasks that require the powers of adaptation, creativity and… emotional intelligence.

Examine the tasks that you do today. Make a list. Identify those that rely on efficiency and those that rely on emotional intelligence. You soon won’t be needed for the tasks in the first bucket.

What’s left on your plate?

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