AI ethics for business – Part 3

I recently shared insights I gained after completing a free, online course on AI ethics for business offered by Seattle University. Those insights were shared in two blog posts:

Today, I am sharing a conversation I had with three other E&C colleagues who also competed this course: Tom Fox, Sean Freidlin and Patrick Henz. The conversation is featured in episode 123 of Tom Fox’s Innovation in Compliance podcast series.

Keep learning!

2 thoughts on “AI ethics for business – Part 3

  1. This is a valuable discussion on an important new development in the field of ethics. In the first installment you wrote, “My favorite value when it comes to AI ethics is transparency.” It seems to me that this can be particularly difficult, because it seems that people may not understand entirely what their AI systems are doing. If I’m interpreting this correctly, Google’s AlphaGo Zero developed strategies that no one ever considered and even the developers probably don’t understand the kinds of strategies their AI system developed. I think this is both a strength of AI and a possible danger. See:

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