It might come back, you know?

To understand what is happening today, we should devote at least 80% of our time studying history and no more than 20% on current news.

This is true of any topic. War, entertainment, natural disasters, exploration, politics, sports, etc.

And, of course, it is true of the current pandemic. At this point, we won’t learn much from current news. The precautionary measures won’t change. Some numbers will go up, some will go down. A new celebrity will become infected. Not terribly helpful.

Instead, study the last pandemic of 1918 and you’ll learn that after it was “over”, it came back.


So today’s leaders need to have a plan for what they’ll do if the COVID-19 dies down mid-summer, only to return at the end of the year. And then again in 2021 or 2022.

How will governments assist those in need? How will employers support their employees, customers, suppliers and local communities? How will health facilities serve the sick?

Leave Facebook aside. Learn from history. Take action.

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