Making a small difference

If you work with 10 people, you can celebrate 10 birthdays this year.

Perhaps one of them will have a new baby, and that’s something to celebrate too.

One of them might need surgery. Why not send a care basket at home?

You were out for surgery and others kept your projects on track. Send a thank you note.

One might lose a parent. Show up at the service, even if only on Zoom.

A colleague is struggling with a major project? Lend a hand.

You are invited to speak at big meeting but someone else on your team could use the exposure. Offer them up instead.

So many ways we can make a difference every day. Each small, each adding up. If you were to write one action on a line of college ruled paper for each workday, you would fill 8 pages by the end of this year.

That would make for some nice reading.

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