Idea machine

Let’s continue with yesterday’s topic of ideas.

James Altucher promotes the practice of coming up with 10 ideas every day. You can read his ultimate guide here.

Imagine coming up with 10 ideas every day for your ethics and compliance program. That’s a few thousand ideas every year.

If only one in ten is a good idea, that is still a few hundred good ideas every year. If only one in ten is successful in your company, that’s a few dozen successes each year. Two to three times a month, you knock it out of the park!

Here are some prompts:

  • 10 sections of the Code of Conduct to update with examples
  • 10 policies to simplify
  • 10 topics to add to the new employee training
  • 10 “Did you know?” short posts to publish on Yammer
  • 10 companies to benchmark with
  • 10 E&C professionals to invite to the next Ethics Day
  • 10 features to include in an E&C app for employees
  • 10 ways to partner with HR
  • 10 industry events to present at
  • 10 vendors to invite in for a demo

That’s a 100 ideas right there, in only two weeks.

Ten of those ideas might be good. One might succeed.

Every. Two. Weeks.

I came across this concept of “idea machine” this morning when reading the James Altucher chapter in Tim Ferriss’ book titled Tools of Titans. I created my first list of 10 ideas this morning. Writing this post was one of the 10 ideas.

3 thoughts on “Idea machine

    1. I did, for several months. Then, I noticed that ideas popped into my head outside of these formal sessions almost daily. I would those ideas down, and slowly started to skip the formal practice. Your comment is timely, as I must admit that the ideas are now less frequent. Time to go back for formal sessions! Thanks!

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